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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, best game ever!

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is out and it’s the best game ever! The single-player experience, the multiplayer modes and features, online competition, full co-op Spec Ops mode. Not to mention the impressive graphical engine… Everything’s there and kicking, and Inifinty Ward‘s game is definitely the best first-person shooters.   Sorry to takeover the (not so) serious articles usually posted on the Sama Gazette but I have ...

Wolfenstein: weapons fully loaded!

In Wolfenstein you play B.J. Blazkowicz, a highly decorated member of the office of Secret Actions (OSA). You are sent on a special mission into the heart of the Reich to investigate evidence of the Nazi‘s possession of a new and mysterious power. While behind enemy lines, you discover they have done much more than develop a new weapon. The Nazis are harnessing the power of a dark parallel dimension called The Veil; in order to create a weapon of ...

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