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The Sama Gazette


The Sama Gazette was founded in 2009 by French artist Max Dana. It is a place to share and discuss on various topics. From design to music, food, art, movies and news; our editorial policy is simple: we talk about what we want, when we want. And we hope you appreciate this approach.



We decided to launch the Sama Gazette because we think the World of Sama created by Max Dana, conveys an Utopian vision with a witty and sometimes caustic humor. We like that duality a lot and it definitely inspired us when we laid the foundations of the Sama Gazette.



The Sama Team consists of a group of people working with Max Dana, eager to contribute to the World of Sama. We are proud to be part of the Sama-family and we enjoy the informal tone and freedom of speech on the Gazette. The editorial content is produced independently with a total ‘carte blanche’.



The Sama Gazette is updated frequently, we participate when we have something we consider ‘interesting’ to share with the Sama-readers. Sometimes we have a lot to tell, some other times, much less. But be assured we are lying in wait, ready to pounce as often as needed!



The Sama Gazette is virtually everywhere, its roots are in France but the members of the Sama Team come from many different places. If you want to contact us, you can use the form on the Contact Page. We will always do our best to answer your questions and follow up.

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