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The World of Sama

Not so naive and aimed to show what we don’t see at first sight; the World of Sama is way more complex than it appears. There are partially and carefully hidden details, guiding the glance and allowing a very personal interpretation of these figurative representations.

Both from Asian and Oriental inspiration, influenced by Art Nouveau era and exclusively in black and white, Max Dana’s graphics can take very different styles and shapes, they’re timeless and carry some sort of universality.

The World of Sama is often where we don’t expect it, and its meaning goes far beyond its simple graphic expression. On the walls of the main European cities to those of small villages in the countryside, printed on limited editions of t shirts, on paper and canvas, in the form of small 3D figures or monumental sculptures, for exterior and interior design as well as furniture… The idea and the concept behind the World of Sama are an endless source of creative inspiration for Max Dana.

Always active, Max Dana wants to keep her freedom to create art without restraint nor limitation. But as numerous as opportunities and requests may be, all of them do not correspond to the artistic vision Max Dana has of her work, that’s why she scrupulously chooses each of her projects and commitments.

Experiencing various and different places for her shows (an abandoned house in countryside, a cozy apartment near the Eiffel Tower in Paris…), using any kind of materials or mediums to express her art, sharing the World of Sama for collaborations with other artists, and absorbing the world around with an open mind driven by sheer curiosity; all that takes an important part of Max Dana‘s artistic vision, which she wants to keep free, fresh, true and to remain consistent with her true  inspiration.

This is The World of Sama.

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