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The Sama Gazette started in 2007 at the initiative of French Artist Max Dana but was officially launched online in 2009. This website is about ‘All Things Sama And More‘ and our goal is to share the activities of the World of Sama:



We think it’s important to have an open mind on everything. So if the Sama Gazette is first about ‘All Things Sama‘ we also have a strong interest in arts and entertainment, food, environment… We care for the world we live in and we focus on actions. And of course, we don’t forget our french roots!



The Sama Team consists of a group of people from the Samayan Community, and we enjoy the informal tone and freedom of speech provided by the Sama Gazette. The editorial content is produced independently with a total ‘carte blanche’ from our founder.



The Sama Gazette is updated everyday via Twitter @SamaGazette and through our Collections:

#SamaPics (Photos and Images from Around the World);
#SamaMusic (Our Favorite Artists and Music);
#SamaEntertainment (Films TVShows and Theater)

We also publish posts on various topics.



The Sama Gazette is virtually everywhere, its roots are in France but the members of the Sama Team come from many different places. If you want to know more or join us, you can use the form on the Contact Page. We will always do our best to answer your questions and follow up!

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