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da-eYe pays tribute to Leon Botha

Last June, an artist we liked a lot, has died. His name was Leon Botha and last year we published on the Sama Gazette an article about him by Max Dana: Leon Botha: when Art is beyond what you see. On this first update of September, we wanted to pay tribute to this great artist by publishing a new article posted by Max Dana on her blog. Comments are closed on this page but you can send yours on Max Dana’s Blog.     Leon Botha was a great ...

Leon Botha: when Art is beyond what you see

You may have never heard of Leon Botha before. We didn’t either until we read Max Dana‘s last blog post she published a few days ago on her blog. With simple words, Max gets to the heart of the matter and tell us who is South African artist Leon Botha, his work and why he is so inspirational to her. You are going to meet with a true artist. Photo credit: Gordon Clark ‘Unity is Strength’ From The Who Am I? Transgressions photo ...

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