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Art in Argentina: Maria Parmo Mixed Art

Art in South America with Argentine artist Maria Parmo. She was born in Cordoba, Argentina, in 1959  and her art is clearly inspired by her studies in math which had a direct influence on her creations.

Paintings, collages, drawings, and objects; Parmo draws and paints with an  identifiable style: symmetry, asymmetry, tubes and lines, abstract art in black and white or in color… We like the fact she expresses her talent in many mediums and styles.

Her recent exhibitions: “Sketchbook Proyect Vol.IV“. Brooklyn, NY; Austin,TX; Portland, ME; Atlanta, GA; Washington, DC; Seattle, WA; San Francisco, CA; Chicago, IL; Winter Park, FL. Painting World Exhibition. New Warmia and Mazury Music Hall, Olsztyn, Poland.

You can see more of Maria Parmo’s artworks on this page.

Illustrating this post: #14 / mixed on paper / 21x27cm / 2002.
Below: 9/11 New York Week Serie, Collage # 1 2010.

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