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Art in Congo: Alain Polo Nzuzi’s questionings

Last month we wrote about Freddy Tsimba, bullets can be art; today it is about another Congolese artist, Alain Polo Nzuzi.

He uses visual art because as an artist, he is ‘more fascinated by the questions beyond extern(al) appearance. More fascinated by the way through this how we sometimes express out who we really are and how sometimes we hide it. Playing with this questions of appearance through body, fashion.’

You can visit his blog to learn more about him. Alain Polo Nzuzi is currently participating to an exhibition titled ’30 et presque-songes’ which started in April in Antananarivo (Madagascar) and then travelled to Kinshasa (Congo) and will be soon in Duala (Nigeria), Port au Prince (Haiti) and Istanbul (Turkey).

We like a lot the way Alain Polo Nzuzi describes his work. He is also an active member of the Collectif SADI, more on this page.

Below: ‘Couvre-moi’ video installation. The artist says about it: ‘That work deals with fashion and the role that appearance has in the construction of identity – inspired by the culture of the “Sapeurs”, a group of (mostly) young Congolese men who buy and wear brand name clothing, Versace or Dolce and Gabana, parading in the streets of Kinshasa and holding impromptu fashion shows’.

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