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Art in Greece: Multiple media artist Lydia Venieri

Lydia Venieri is a multiple media artist born in 1964 in Athens and now she lives and works in New York. We have heard a lot of good feedbacks about Venieri’s work, we like what she does but her art is very hard to define… 

But Wikipedia describes her work in a very interesting way:

Venieri is well known for her evocative sculpture installations which bridge mythology with current events, and for her ability to combine humor with self reflection on human conditions in our times, through her characters that are taken from mythology, history, fairy tales and daily life. In her stories dreams reinforce reality and reality reinforce dreams. The provocative visualizations of the universe of Venieri’s work offer a Potnian statement about the world in flux in which we live.

The titles of her recent shows tell it all: The Dolphin Conspiracy, SOS, The Last Conflict, Tomorrow – Phosphor Stars in White Nights. Venieri’s work ranges from sculptures to photography, video,  installations, paintings… We suggest you visit Lydia Venieri’s official website to see her work.

Make your own opinion and if you are able to define more precisely what she does, please send us a note 😉


Illustrating this post: Planetic Exodus – The Girl with the Unicorn, 2010
Below: Tomorrow ~ Phosphor Stars in White Nights

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