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Art in Hungary: Photographer Daniel Halasz

For this new ‘Art in‘ rendezvous, we decided to introduce to you a young (born in 1981) but already renowned Hungarian photographer, Daniel Halasz. There is not much information about him on his website but Wikipedia tells us:

Halasz grew up in Hungary and later lived in Belgium and the UK. After studying at the University of York and the London School of Economics, he was admitted to the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest. He also spent a semester at the Glasgow School of Art in 2009. His most recent show was at the world renowned Saatchi Gallery in London. He was the grand prize winner of the Google Photography Prize, where Halasz was chosen from 3600 entries from 82 countries around the world. Last year his group won the Epson Art Photo Award from among 150 arts universities around the world and was subsequently exhibited at Art Cologne. Both of these awards had an expert jury with members like Martin Parr, Idris Khan and Andreas Gursky.

Browsing Halasz’ website, we have seen new photographies we didn’t see before. There are several topics: family (2010), homo politicus (2010), work (2010), camp 165 watten (2009), friends (2008), mutation (2008), office (2007). We chose a photo from the friends portfolio, with the following description:

The idea of friendship
The concept here was to reveal how visual signs and simple body language can mislead us. I walked on the streets of Budapest and asked complete strangers if they would be willing to participate on a picture with me. Afterwards I asked them to perform basic tasks, such as hugging or shaking hands, which usually friends do. 30x40cm, edition of 10, lambda print.

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