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Art in Sudan: Elshafei Dafalla Mohamed
From Max Dana's Blog

South Sudan and Sudan; news roundup about the complex, intertwined situation


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Friday Digest: Sudan, Mary Robinson, Haitians…

By Sama Team | September 24, 2010

This is our new Friday Digest! Every Friday, this weekly news round-up gives us the occasion to share with you news from various topics: politics to arts, entertainment, media, science, sports, fun and less fun news... This digest is a list of news published this week on the Internet (Friday to Friday), selected by the Sama Team, and it is by no means exhaustive.

If you want to suggest a news to be added in the next Friday Digest, contact us.

The list goes from oldest to newest news.  See you on Sunday, for our weekly Twitter Sunday!

Couple Accused of Passing Nuclear Arms Secrets
A physicist and his wife, who both once worked at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, were arrested Friday and charged with a criminal conspiracy to help Venezuela build an atom bomb. The arrests of P. Leonardo Mascheroni and Marjorie Roxby Mascheroni and a 22-count indictment came after a sting operation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation from 2008 to 2009...

Robinson returns to set up climate charity
Former president Mary Robinson is to return to Ireland to set up a charity which aims to put a human face on the problem of climate change. The new organisation -- called the 'Mary Robinson Foundation -- Climate Justice' (MRFCJ) -- will begin at the start of next year. Ms Robinson has been based in New York since 2002 and has been working for a non-governmental organisation called 'Realising Rights'...

Obama softens approach to Sudan
On the campaign trail, Barack Obama pledged to get tough with Sudan, a regime accused of committing genocide in Darfur and waging a relentless war against its citizens in the south. He harshly criticized what he called the Bush administration’s “feckless’’ compromises with the regime. But in the White House, Obama has adopted a far gentler approach...

Swedish far-right wins first seats in parliament
A far-right party in Sweden has won seats in parliament for the first time, denying the governing centre-right coalition an overall majority. The anti-immigration Sweden Democrats have won 20 of the 349 seats in the country's single assembly, following Sunday's general election. The alliance, led by centre-right Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, fell short of a clear...

Haitians Cry in Letters: ‘Please — Do Something!’
It was after midnight in a remote annex of this isolated tent camp on a windswept gravel plain. Marjorie Saint Hilaire’s three boys were fast asleep, but her mind was racing. The camp leader had proposed writing letters to the nongovernment authorities, and she had so much to say. She lighted a candle and summoned a gracious sentiment with which to begin...

200 Million People Are Playing Facebook Games Monthly
At a Gaming Event in Palo Alto today, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed that games are one of the primary reasons some people visit Facebook, confirming that 40% of its userbase is using the site for social gaming. The top ten games on Facebook have more than 12 million users each. But Zuckerberg says it’s complicated, “While they’re in the top five things that people like...

Bomb Explodes at Parade in Iran
A bomb exploded at a military parade in northwestern Iran on Wednesday, killing 12 spectators in an attack that one official blamed on Kurdish separatists who have fought Iranian forces in the area for decades. The blast in the city of Mahabad, close to the borders with Iraq and Turkey, also wounded 75 people, Iranian media reports said. Most of the victims were women...

World leaders to address Sudan referendum
U.S. President Barack Obama will join other world leaders Friday to discuss Sudan amid fears of violence as the country gears up for a referendum that could see it split into two nations. The vote is scheduled for January. It would allow the autonomous southern region -- which holds a majority of the nation's oil -- to secede from the north. Fears that the process would...

TechCrunch Interview With Mark Zuckerberg On $100 Million Education Donation
News started to break earlier this week about a $100 million donation Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is making to Newark’s school system. He’s announcing it today on the Oprah Winfrey show. Jason Kincaid and I spoke to Zuckerberg about the donation earlier this week, at the same time we interviewed him about the Facebook Phone issue. He’s creating a new foundation and funding...

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