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Friday Digest: Van Gogh, Ai Weiwei, Ban Ki-moon

This is our new Friday Digest! Every Friday, this weekly news round-up gives us the occasion to share with you news from various topics: politics to arts, entertainment, media, science, sports, fun and less fun news… This digest is a list of news published this week on the Internet (Friday to Friday), selected by the Sama Team, and it is by no means exhaustive. If you want to suggest a news to be added in the next Friday Digest, contact us. ...

World Water Day 2011: Solving the Global Water Crisis

Today is World Water Day. In our post last year, we mentioned the fact that nearly one billion people around the world didn’t have clean drinking water, and 2.6 billion still lack basic sanitation; today, Sub-Saharan Africa is home to 40% of those without safe water and nearly 40% of the world’s population lives without access to adequate sanitation… But we know many key water and sanitation solutions are cost-effective: every $1 invested ...

Twitter Sunday: Favorites Tweets @Surfrider

  We are very concerned by environmental issues at the Sama Gazette. Everyday, each member of the Sama Team tries to reduce his/her impact on the environment. If climate change is almost everyday on the front news, we often forget the oceans. So today we want to share with you our Favorites Tweets from the Surfrider Foundation, ‘dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the worlds oceans, waves and beaches’. About Surfrider ...

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