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Art in France: Photographer Claude Iverné

Back in November last year, we posted an article dedicated to Sudanese photographer Rashid Mahdi, one of Africa’s most celebrated portrait photographers. We also mentioned the exhibition that took place in Paris: “Photographies soudanaises” (Sudanese photographs) at the gallery Clémentine de la Féronnière, brought by the Elnour collective founded by Claude Iverné in 2003. Today we want to introduce you (if you don’t know him ...

Art in Sudan: Photographer Rashid Mahdi

A few days ago, we went to see a collective exhibition in Paris: “Photographies soudanaises” (Sudanese photographs). The gallery Clémentine de la Féronnière brought together, thanks to the Elnour collective founded by Claude Iverné in 2003, photographs by Rashid Mahdi but also by Richard Lokiden Wani, Gadalla Gubara, Madani Gahory, Osman Hamid Khalifa and Ahmed Omar Addow amongst others. Max Dana appreciates a lot the work done by ...

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