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Mister Mystère: introducing Matthieu Chedid

Mister Mystère: introducing Matthieu Chedid

In August, we tried to answer the question in our post: Who is Sliimy? The late answer… For those of you who think Sliimy is the only exportable French singer in the world, let us introduce you Matthieu Chedid, aka ‘M’. He’s almost forty, he writes great songs with sometimes off-beat lyrics, he plays guitar and he’s very creative.

Plus, Matthieu Chedid and Max Dana share several common points: they are both called ‘M’ and the logotype of album ‘Mister Mystère’ is almost the same Max used like 10 years ago (letter ‘M’ on black/white background). More than enough good reasons to decide to introduce you Matthieu Chedid and his new album.

A quick bio: his grand-mother was the poetess Andrée Chedid, his father is the renowed French singer Louis Chedid. ‘M’ used to have a ‘M’ shape hair cut (not so weird, really). He collaborated with Sean Lennon, Vanessa Paradis and Brigitte Fontaine. His new album ‘Mister Mystère’ reveals even more of the (maturing) duality he borrows and we love it.

The song ‘Le roi des ombres’ and ‘M’ will probably win you over, as we were a long time ago… You can also check his official website. See, we provide full services to the ones we love 😉

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