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EHHR Campaign: ‘One pair of shoes for a month’ Week 4

For four weeks now, a member of the Sama Team has been supporting the EHHR Barefoot Campaign by wearing one pair of shoes every day for a month. First week was all about snow, second week was about freezing and a homeless man, last week was about Christmas and this fourth and last week of the challenge is about sharing Jessica’s experience and wishes for the new year.

“I did it, eventually! When I took up the ‘One pair of shoes for a month’ challenge four weeks ago, I never thought it would have been so hard to achieve! Snow, rain, freeze, cold… The weather played against me everyday. But I learned a lot wearing the same pair of shoes for 30 days. I realized how hard it can be to have to wear the same shoes everyday because you can’t afford to buy another pair. I also realized some people can’t buy new shoes like this homeless man I saw in the street.

Life is difficult for so many people around the world and I thought I knew that already but I didn’t. The Every Human Has Rights Campaign made me realize it. All the discussions I have had with my friends and family about poverty and human rights had a big impact on my life. I see things differently and I wouldn’t have thought I would just by wearing the same pair of shoes for a month.

Once again I would like to thank my friends from the Sama Team for supporting me and also Max Dana for her always kind and wise words. This woman is great and I am honored to be ‘working’ on her side.

Happy new year to all of you and thank you for your support, I will always remember this challenge!”

Rendezvous next year for the Every Human Has Rights 2011 Campaign!

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