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EHHR Barefoot Campaign: ‘One pair of shoes for a month’

Ten days ago we posted about the Every Human Has Rights and CIVICUS new campaign: Barefoot Against Poverty. By going barefoot against poverty, the campaign invites us to take a first step for human rights, thinking about people who barely have food to put on their table, let alone shoes to put on their feet. Simple, effective, easy to understand and easy to do.

Back to when all started for us. In 2008, Max Dana supported the Every Human Has Rights campaign and initiated the “60 Signers for the 60th Anniversary” Initiative signed by the most important organizations in the world, by Every Human Has Rights Media Awards winners (organized by Internews Europe) and also by ‘ordinary people’ supporting Human Rights.

In 2009, we met with small organizations and talked about Human Rights. We posted about our will to be more committed and to spread the word about Human Rights (International Human Rights Day 2009). In 2010, we want to be part of the new EHHR campaign and to take action. We will of course go barefoot on December 10th but also join the ‘One pair of shoes for a month’ initiative.

One of the members of the Sama Team, Jessica, will be wearing one pair of shoes every day for a month in order to raise awareness around the campaign. We were inspired by Emily Pettit-Coetzee, a fashion writer, who has been blogging about her daily progress here. This initiative is also part of the Barefoot Against Poverty campaign since for some people, owning one pair of shoes is a luxury.

Once a week we will post about how things are going on for our reckless fellow colleague; she chose leather boots, it’s snowing right now and it’s very cold, we hope she will be fine. The challenge started this morning (December 2nd) and will last until 2011 (January 2nd).

But that’s not it! In a few days, Max Dana will lift the veil on her barefoot warrior against poverty. And this time we have got some inside news for the eager ones: the character is male, almost 25 years old and Max mentions him in her Bio. A come-back for a great occasion!

As you can see, the whole Sama Team is mobilized to support the Barefoot Against Poverty campaign, and we invite you to also participate, to challenge your friends, family, co-workers and neighbours to go Barefoot Against Poverty, and to send them to the pledge page. Here are some ideas, pick one and take action!

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