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Sama Gazette Special Edition: En Route To Sudan

We announced it before Summer break and we mentioned it in September: we have been working on several new sections and special editions on the Sama Gazette. The first one of these new ‘rendezvous’ has launched today and is titled: En Route To Sudan, an online resources for everything concerning Sudan.

Since the Sama Gazette is online, we have published many articles about the situation in Sudan. We closely follow organizations and relay their news, as well as actions and campaigns led by committed people and activists. Our goal is to contribute to raise awareness about Sudan, but also Darfur and now South Sudan.

We hope our humble contribution will help spread the word about the upcoming referenda and we invite you to add En Route To Sudan page to your favorites, it will be frequently updated with new content and interviews. You can also follow the list we created on Twitter @SamaGazette/En Route To Sudan.

Don’t hesitate to let us know what you think about the initiative with your comments or by contacting us.

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