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Airbus reveals Concept Cabin for 2050 air travel

Airbus is a European aerospace company based in France, and it recently unveiled its Concept Cabin, a whole new flying experience inspired by nature.

We were very surprised by the design, with walls which would become transparent. You can watch the sky while you’re on the plane, look at the stars and enjoy a beautiful moment… But not until 2050!

Here is the news from Airbus Website:

While taking a hop between destinations, according to Airbus, passengers in 2050 can attend an interactive conference; enjoy an augmented game of golf, before reading the kids back home a bedtime story virtually from their seat.  2050 passengers can recharge their mind set in the relaxation zone in a vitalising seat by the Indian Ocean and then lie back and watch the planet spread out beneath their feet.

2050? Upsetting! We will have to be patient to fly on this amazing plane. We don’t know if the Concept Cabin will ever be made but this is a very good way to promote Airbus and its planes. What will be the response of Boeing? We will see!

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