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Art in India: Jayshree Jaykumar and JJ Studios

Jayshree Jaykumar is an Indian artist and entrepreneur. She was born in 1978 in India and is a self-taught artist who works on oil, water color and acrylic. According to Wikipedia, she worked on the re-productions of Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and later she started to create the painting of the main idol of Tirupati Balaji.

With her paintings that replicates the deity of Tirupati Balaji, Jayshree has been recognized as a worthy artist in India and in 2009, she created JJ Studios, a company based in Chennai India, providing complete Art solutions for leading Interior decorators, Importers, Exporters & direct customers in India.

We wish we could see more of Jaykumar’s work on her official website!


Illustrating this post: Jayshree Jaykumar and the painting
Illustration below: Deity as on Thirupathi

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