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Art in The Netherlands: Ingrid Siliakus

In 2010 we were amazed by the colorful world of paper sculptures by Jen Stark and last year, Danish artist Peter Callesen impressed us as well. The artist we just discovered comes from The Netherlands, her name is Ingrid Siliakus and she make Paper Architectures.

According to her biography:

Ingrid Siliakus first discovered paper architecture by seeing work of the originator of this art form Prof. Masahiro Chatani (architect and professor in Japan). He developed this art form in the early 1980’s. Ingrid was instantly fascinated by the ingenious manner in which these pieces were designed and by the beauty they radiated. Ingrid studied the originator’s work for some years and than started to design herself.

Statement of the artist (for the Holland Paper Exhibition in 2006):

‘…Working with paper forces me to be humble, since this medium has a character of its own that asks for cooperation. It is a challenge to find this cooperation with each separate paper brand I work with. Working with paper the way I do, namely by means of cutting and folding creating paper sculptures, asks of me to work with meditative precision. Paper architecture does not bare haste, it is its enemy; one moment of loss of concentration, can lead to failure of a piece…’

Her work is really impressive. Check her website to see more of her amazing work!


Picture below: Pavilion encaged, 2007.
Illustration: Innerrings black/white, 2009.

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