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Artist pays tribute to supermarket cashier Aïcha Issaudonene

French Artist and photographer Roger Daniel Pérez pays tribute to Aïcha Issaudonene who died from the coronavirus. The 52-years old employee had worked for almost 30 years as a cashier at Carrefour Supermarket in Saint-Denis, a commune in the northern suburbs of Paris and she died on March 26 after contracting the virus.

Issaudonene’s death triggered anger and shock, France was already on lockdown but many considered that supermarket workers were still at a very high risk of infection and exposure, most of them working without enough protective equipment…

Last week, Roger Daniel Pérez decided to pay tribute to Issaudonene and painted her portrait in front of the store she used to work for almost 3 decades. We often mention health workers being on the frontlines but many others keep working to provide an essential service to our communities and they are also among the ones paying a heavy price during the coronavirus epidemic.

Le portrait d'Aïcha Issaudonene, beaucoup de gens qui la connaissaient et ses collègues sont venus voir le portrait et j'ai expliqué mon souhait d'honorer ceux qui étaient et sont dans la lutte contre Covid-19.
Roger Daniel Pérez

— Pérez Roger Daniel (@Roger28374735) May 16, 2020

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