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Dunny Series 2009: released!

Dunny Series 2009: released!

Vinyl toys. First time we actually saw one of them was 3 or 4 years ago, when Max Dana, on a cold winter morning, put on the conference table a toy from spanish designer Jaime Hayon. We looked at it, we wondered what it was, who designed it and ultimately if it had any kind of sexual use (you know, vinyl toys…).

Max told us a lot about those designer toys before but it was the first time she shared with us a piece of her very private collection. Since then, some of us started to buy toys and even started a collection. In simple words: we became addicted because of Max!

New toys are going out every week but the Dunny Series 2009 release was highly expected. People at New York based store Kidrobot organized Dunny Series 2009 Trading Parties all over North America yesterday night and in France, Artoyz also organized a launch event at their shop in Paris (more info on Artoyz Blog).

The Sama Team will be sent there later today for a closer look at the new series. Incognito…

The Sama Team’s Top 5: Frank Kozik / Dalek / Andrew Bell / Kronk / Supakitch for Koralie.

What’s your favorites?

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