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SEEN ‘Please enjoy’ solo show in Paris

SEEN a.k.a the Godfather of Graffiti will be in Paris next week for the opening of his solo show ‘Please enjoy’. We are all very excited at the Sama Gazette by this exhibition because we know how a big fan Max Dana is of the artist; almost three years ago, she wrote about SEEN on her blog: From sgraffiti to graffiti, from Cauchie to Seen. Since then, we see graffiti artists very differently and can’t wait to see this exhibition at Galerie Magda Danysz!

Here is the introduction to the exhibition by the gallery:

In this show, SEEN presents the three series of very meaningful works. For one, he inserts steel and the Metro Transit Authority logo as to remind us his golden relationship with the streets of NY as he puts it himself, “Graffiti is my life, always has been and will always be”. On another level of the show one can discover the influence of the tattoo culture in Seen’s life. Eventually, on the third level of the gallery SEEN offers a research work where he investigates abstraction. Beyond graffiti, beyond this school which continues to feed his work, SEEN proses above all a complete artist. Today, he is considered as one of the most talented artists of his generation by numerous fans.

 But there is more for the fans: SEEN and Magda Danysz invite you  to the Flammarion bookshop at the Beaubourg  National Modern Arts Museum for an exceptional  book signing at 6PM of her book “From Style  Writing to Art, a Street Art anthology” which  tells about 40 years of creation in this movement.  One of the pioneers of this movement, considered as “the Godfather of graffiti”, SEEN will be there  to sign your copy. As a preview of the gallery show a piece of art will also be displayed on the ground floor of the museum.

And that is not all! On the occasion of his solo show SEEN has released  a special limited edition of his tag in plexiglass  to be hung on the wall. Edition limited to 100. Numbered. Size: 42x26cm. Price: 50 euros. Click here to reserve yours. A 96 pages catalogue will also be available at the gallery, supported by maquis art.

Now you know everything, you can’t say you didn’t know about this show and you know what you have to do: go see SEEN solo show in Paris!!

SEEN ‘Please enjoy’ solo show
Opening 29 May, 2010 from 6pm to 9pm
show on going from 29 May, 2010 to 26 June, 2010
Galerie Magda Danysz 78, rue Amelot Paris 11

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