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Happy Thanksgiving and How to Cook Green Beans

Last year we posted about: Happy Thanksgiving and How to Cook a Turkey and many of you enjoyed the recipe by Sydny Carter published on This year, forget the turkey, we will tell you how to cook green beans. Vegetables are healthy and are great to accompany the turkey as well as for vegetarians who can celebrate and enjoy the dinner too.

We didn’t take the recipe from but we chose Simply Recipes instead. We mentioned the website earlier this year in our post: Beer Can chicken: A Bit of the Good Life with Joe Ledbetter and we think the recipe for Green Beans with Almonds and Thyme is simple and an easy one to cook.

A few words by the author Elise Bauer, introducing the recipe:

Green beans are the labradors of the vegetable world, they just seem to get along with everyone. Which is why you will usually find some incarnation of green beans on a holiday dinner menu. This simple preparation of green beans, with butter, thyme, and toasted almonds, comes from my friend Heidi in Carlisle Mass, and over the years has become one of my favorites.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our Sama-Readers!

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