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J’aime Mon Bistrot, Sauve Ton Resto, Bar Solidaire

Restaurants and bars in France have been hit hard by the coronavirus lockdown, and even if French government is in favour of the reopening of all retail outlets once lockdown is lifted, restaurants and bars won’t reopen on May, 11…

The industry is seriously threatened and some establishments are in dire situation, many owners having very low cash levels. They had to lay off their staff and put their businesses into enforced hibernation. Hopefully online platforms are helping some of them raise money during lockdown such as J’aime Mon Bistrot (‘I love my bistrot‘) offering you to pre-order a voucher in the establishment of your choice.

Another platform: Sauve Ton Resto (‘Save your restaurant‘) by HEMBLEM and LePotCommun also invites you to pay in advance for future meals and drinks: Support your merchants today! To you, food-lovers, enthusiasts, travelers: your local merchants need you! For a date, a jaunt with your pals or family, take advantage of the lockdown to start planning your first outings. You can register your venue now and support hospitals at the same time: 1 voucher bought = 1€ given to hospitals!

You can also check another online platform, Bar Solidaire.

We hope the majority of retaurants, bars, cafés and hotels will be able to deal with the situation and reopen, we long for the return to vibrant café life!

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