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President Sarkozy Bans Cheese After Dinner

Yes, you read well: Nicolas Sarkozy has banned cheese from the menu at the Elysee Palace… You know how much we like cheese on the Sama Gazette, and maybe you remember our posts: Try Raclette For A Warming Winter Dinner (one of Max Dana favorite dishes) or French Cheese: Camembert, Brie, Roquefort, Chevre… illustrated by two great drawings by Pete Fowler.

So when we read Sarkozy had banned cheese, we were chocked! The French President adheres to a rigorous exercise plan and strict diet that prohibits chocolate, cheese and desserts. We already knew he doesn’t drink wine but we have seen him eating chocolate as well as ‘chouquettes’ on several occasions. The photo below from 2010 is a proof!

This fierce health regime he’s forgone is because of the upcoming elections. Maybe he will not gain weight but he would look much pleasant he was more of an epicurean… Maybe he should join the Sama (Epicurean) Fraternal Society after the elections.

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