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Strawberry Basil Éclairs by Chasing Delicious

Do you like éclairs? Do you like strawberries? And basil? If you do then you will really enjoy this post about Strawberry Basil Éclairs. We found the recipe on Chasing Delicious; just look at the photo and you will be drooling over for days!

Chasing Delicious is a great website for recipes and we enjoy reading their articles: always humourous and cooking seems so easy… But it is not. We tried several times and nobody here could even make a cake. But at least we tried.

Here is an excerpt from the Strawberry Basil Éclairs recipe:

I am done with the classic éclair. I am done with people hoarding them in the pink boxes they get from some overly trendy bakery. I am done… wait a second. What is this? I don’t have to go with the weird chocolate top? I can add other stuff to the inside too? These are the thoughts that run through my mind as I flip through the lovely pages of Martha Stewart’s website. In between my daydreams of one day building an empire as big as the queen of crafts herself, I stumble on a recipe for a strawberry and mint variation of the éclair. I am intrigued to say the least. I happen to also have another twenty tabs open with various other strawberry recipes, but I become so enthralled with the idea of a new–to me at least–éclair that I closed them all…

This is not the recipe but the entire post is worth reading. Only frustration: the Strawberry Basil Éclairs are not delivered at the end of the post, you will have to make them all by yourselves. Good luck! 😉

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