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Try Raclette For A Warming Winter Dinner by R. Varolli

This is our second rendezvous: C’est la vie in France but this time (our first post was about Films Open French Wounds From Algeria) we have selected an article about food. As prood members of the Sama (formerly Epicurean) Fraternal Society, we enjoy good food and we were happy to read on the Huffington Post: Try Raclette For A Warming Winter Dinner by Regina Varolli.

Some of you may wonder what is ‘raclette’, so here is an introduction by Varolli:

A cheese originating in the Swiss canton of Valais, home of the Matterhorn, today Raclette is also produced in the French regions of Savoie and Franche-Comté. Whole Foods always has Raclette, but I’ve also seen Raclette at many other quality markets, as well as on Fresh Direct (for you New Yorkers). Although it’s very cool to eat traditional Raclette in the Alps, where they heat up a half-wheel of cheese and scrape the gooey goodness right onto your plate, potatoes, or bread. Modern Raclette grill machines have little individual trays in which you melt slices of cheese yourself at your table.

If you like cheese as much as we do and as much as Pete Fowler who experienced the ‘bad boy’ Bleu des Causses does (read our post about it), and if you enjoy having a meal with friends and/or family, you have to try the raclette. Like Pete said: ‘Cheese is one the best things in life!’’.

Oh! Last but not least: Regina Varolli gives a wise advice at the end of her article: ‘Raclette is a meal you and your guests will enjoy because it’s different, interactive, and fun. Just be sure to crack a window, because this yummy cheese, like most great cheese, is stinky when melted!

Bon appétit!

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