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Burlycon 2011 takes place October 20-23 in Seattle

It has been a while since we didn’t mention Burlesque on the Sama Gazette and we had to do something about it. So here is a great news for any Burlesque lover: for its fourth year, BurlyCon will be held in Seattle the weekend of October 20-23.

If you don’t know what BurlyCon is about, here is a hint:

BurlyCon is an annual Burlesque Educational convention that provides educational offerings, professional growth and in-person social networking for the Burlesque Community. Our aim is to further the development and historical knowledge of this rare American art form that is experiencing a popular resurgence worldwide. Unlike other Festivals and Expos that highlight Burlesque performance, this weekend-long gathering contains no show and no audience. Rather, all activities at BurlyCon are focused on the behind-the-scenes components of Burlesque: building skills, deepening knowledge, and growing as a community.

You can already register here. We like a lot the approach of BurlyCon, it is focused entirely on community building, educational and social events and contrary to many other festivals, there are no Burlesque shows or performances.

But don’t worry, there will be a dance party on Saturday night!

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