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Imany, a beautiful voice in a beautiful body

Ten days ago, Max Dana posted about Imany, a successful folk/soul singer born in France. Since then, we have been listening to her music and we love her !

That’s why we decided to cross post Max’s blog so you can read (if you didn’t already) what Max thinks of Imany, and learn more about the amazingly talented singer…


When I first saw Imany, I thought: ‘What a beautiful woman!‘. Then when I first heard her sing, I said: ‘What a beautiful voice!‘. A former Ford model, Nadia Mladjao, also known as Imany, is now a successful folk/soul singer born in France (her parents are both from the Comoros islands).

Don’t be fooled by her lovely face, Imany has a deep, dark haunting voice some people compare to the one of Tracy Chapman. Imany cannot leave you indifferent. Just listen to her first single ‘You Will Never Know’ (video below) and you will be hooked and want for more!

Visit Imany’s website here.

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