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Friday Digest: Fat toddlers, Egypt, Iran, Sudan, iPad3…

This is our new Friday Digest! Every Friday, this weekly news round-up gives us the occasion to share with you news from various topics: politics to arts, entertainment, media, science, sports, fun and less fun news… This digest is a list of news published this week on the Internet (Friday to Friday), selected by the Sama Team, and it is by no means exhaustive.

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U.S. should stop criminalizing sex trafficking victims
Americans are right to get angry at the violence against women and girls in developing nations: the Congo rape camps, the widespread practices of female genital mutilation in West Africa and the infanticide of females in China. Our disgust at the violence committed against women and girls is heightened by the culture of impunity that allows the perpetrators of these crimes to go free without condemnation or punishment…

Twenty reasons why it’s kicking off everywhere
We’ve had revolution in Tunisia, Egypt’s Mubarak is teetering; in Yemen, Jordan and Syria suddenly protests have appeared. In Ireland young techno-savvy professionals are agitating for a “Second Republic”; in France the youth from banlieues battled police on the streets to defend the retirement rights of 60-year olds; in Greece striking and rioting have become a national pastime. And in Britain we’ve had riots and…

Feeding babies solids too early may make fat toddlers
Feeding a baby solid foods too early in life may increase his risk of becoming obese before reaching preschool, according to a new study in Pediatrics. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that new mothers breast-feed their babies for at least six months and introduce solid foods between 4 and 6 months. This new study finds that among formula-fed babies, those who were given solid foods before age 4 months had…

Freed Google executive helped spark Egypt revolt
The young Google Inc. executive detained by Egyptian authorities for 12 days said Monday he was behind the Facebook page that helped spark what he called “the revolution of the youth of the Internet.” A U.S.-based human rights group said nearly 300 people have died in two weeks of clashes. Wael Ghonim, a marketing manager for the Internet company, wept throughout an emotional television interview just hours after he was freed…*/Article_2011-02-07-Egypt/id-53a009cf90014

What will AOL-Huffington Post merger mean?
Internet provider AOL is to buy news and blog website The Huffington Post for $315 million, the latest in a long line of innovative start-ups snapped up by established big-name firms. According to their figures, the sale creates one of the most widely read online media organizations. So what will the merger mean for the two companies, and for the online news industry as a whole? For its $315 million investment, AOL is buying…

Iran’s Opposition Seeks Rally to Back Egypt and Tunisia
With democracy tremors rocking the Arab world, Iran’s opposition has challenged its hard-line leaders to allow a peaceful demonstration — ostensibly in support of the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt. The request to hold a rally on Monday falls short of an open call for supporters of Iran’s “green” movement to return to the streets after more than a year, but it is the closest that Iran’s opposition has come so far…

Sudanese president urges supporters to use Facebook to overcome opposition
The Sudanese president Omer Hassan Al-Bashir has called on his supporters to use Facebook in order to overcome groups that are opposed to his rule. Bashir made the call during his visit to North Kordofan state on Tuesday where he inaugurated a power plant. Sudan official news agency (SUNA) cited Bashir as instructing authorities to pay more attention towards extending electricity to the countryside so that…,37924

Do Women Shun Science?
The absence of women — particularly mothers — in the sciences is making news again. Even before Lawrence H. Summers sparked debate at Harvard over whether women were not as capable in math and science as men, researchers were trying to parse nature versus nurture, discrimination versus choice. Why, for instance, do women hold less than 16 percent of the tenure track positions in math intensive fields, and less than…

Apple Is Lining Up For A “Surprise” This Fall. And Yes, It’s Likely An “iPad 3?
The following may sound a little crazy considering that the iPad 2 has not even been acknowledged or introduced by Apple yet. But from what we’re hearing, the next iteration of the iPad — let’s call it “iPad 3? to keep it simple — may be coming along sooner than people realize. Earlier today, HP held a big event in San Francisco to unveil their latest products based around the webOS software that they acquired when…

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