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Friday Digest: France, Pakistan, Apple, NASA…

This is our new Friday Digest! Every Friday, this weekly news round-up gives us the occasion to share with you news from various topics: politics to arts, entertainment, media, science, sports, fun and less fun news… This digest is a list of news published this week on the Internet (Friday to Friday), selected by the Sama Team, and it is by no means exhaustive.

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The list goes from oldest to newest news.  See you on Sunday, for our weekly Twitter Sunday!

France to see demonstrations against Roma expulsions
Demonstrations are planned across France in protest at the government’s policy of deporting Roma people. Anti-racism groups opposed to the moves say that more than 30,000 people may rally in Paris alone. There has been strong international criticism of the deportations, which saw 1,000 Roma (Gypsies) returned to Romania and Bulgaria last month.

World Trade Center Complex Is Rising Rapidly
The pace of construction is so swift that any status report these days gets overtaken rapidly by the arrival of new beams and columns, rebar and concrete, pipes and conduit. About 2,000 construction workers are on the job, weekends included, officials said, and that number will just keep rising. Visiting the site brings to mind the tumultuous first impressions of arrival

Children die as Pakistan suicide bomber targets police
There are reports that police officers are among the casualties. At least three school children are among 17 people killed in a suicide car bombing in north-west Pakistan. The attacker rammed a pick-up into a police station in Lakki Marwat town, in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. Books and a schoolbag could be seen in the wreckage. The dead included 11 police officers.

Strikers in Paris and London Snarl Travel
The French government was bracing on Tuesday for a major strike and protests against President Nicolas Sarkozy’s plan to raise the retirement age from 60 to 62. A subway strike in London led the government to make available additional boats and buses and to encourage commuters to cycle to work. Subway, suburban rail and bus traffic in Paris was sharply curtailed

Divorce ceremonies give Japanese couples a new way to untie the knot
One by one, Michiko walked through the legal steps of finalizing her divorce: dividing property, determining child custody and arranging her daughter’s college fund. But when it came to settling the heartache over the end of her eight-year marriage to Taka, the legal system had no formal process. That’s when she decided to go through a divorce ceremony

Health Care Wastefulness Is Detailed in Studies
In a snapshot of systemic waste, researchers have calculated that more than half of the 354 million doctor visits made each year for acute medical care, like for fevers, stomachaches and coughs, are not with a patient’s primary physician, and that more than a quarter take place in hospital emergency rooms. The authors of the study, which was published Tuesday

Following Fire Incidents, Apple Japan Replaces 5,000 iPod Batteries In 3 Weeks
The never ending story between Apple Japan and the local government may have finally come to an end. Following months of disputes whether overheating first generation iPod nanos pose a security risk (some iPods caused fire) or not, Apple last month announced it will put up a special warning message on its Japanese company site and offer to replace batteries in all models affected for free

NASA Satellite Data Aids United Nations’ Ability to Detect Global Fire Hotspots
In the midst of a difficult fire season in many parts of the world, the United Nations’ (UN) Food and Agriculture Organization has launched a new online fire detection system that will help firefighters and natural hazards managers improve response time and resource management. The Global Fire Information Management System (GFIMS) delivers fire data from an imaging sensor

CIA training Sudan’s spies as Obama officials fight over policy
American officials may be at odds over U.S. policy toward Sudan, but the CIA is soldiering on there. The East African regime is not just an international pariah for its genocidal track record in the western region of Darfur, it’s officially been branded by Washington as a terrorist state, in part for its past harboring of Islamist radicals, including Osama bin Laden in the 1990s

Two asteroids to pass close to Earth on Wednesday
Two small asteroids in unrelated orbits will pass within the moon’s distance of the Earth on Wednesday, according to NASA. It’s an unusual event that shows the need for closer monitoring of near space for Earth-threatening encounters, a scientist with the program said. The objects don’t pose a threat to Earth, and they will not be visible to the naked eye, said Donald Yeomans

Iconic Urban Design In Sudan
Sudan has unveiled plans to redesign a number of its cities into the shape of animals. The southern capital of Juba – reportedly one of the fastest growing cities in the world, is to be relocated and restructured into the shape of a rhinoceros, with the city’s regional president taking up office in the ‘beast’s eye.’  Wau – the capital of the south-westerly state of West

Sept. 8, 1966: Liftoff for the Starship Enterprise
1966: Star Trek makes its network television debut. Given the cultural impact and enormous franchise spawned by the original Star Trek series, it’s hard to believe that the show lasted just three seasons — 80 episodes — and was canceled by NBC in 1969 because of low ratings. But if network numbers-crunching and the short-sightedness of advertising sponsors doomed it

Why Google Instant May Make You Click On More Ads
Google made it clear at its press event today that Google Instant will not change way that company will rank ads or show ads. From the Google blog: “We recommend monitoring your ads’ performance the same way you usually do. Google Instant might increase or decrease your overall impression levels. However, Google Instant can improve the quality of your clicks since it helps people search using terms

Philippines admits police may have shot some hostages in bus standoff
Philippine authorities acknowledged for the first time Thursday that some of the tourists taken hostage in a bus standoff last month may have been shot by police in the bungled rescue operation. Until now, Manila police had said officers did not kill any of the hostages. The driver of the bus also told investigators that the hostage-taker shot each of the passengers at close range.

Woman’s persistence pays off in regenerated fingertip
After running inside from a rainstorm one Friday evening last January, Deepa Kulkarni leaned against the doorway with her right hand to take off her boots. Then, in an effort to make sure the dog didn’t get out, someone slammed the door hard, and it landed right on her pinky. Kulkarni thought the door had only bruised her finger, but then she looked down and saw the tip of her pinky lying on the floor

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