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Segway with a saddle: Taurus Concept by Erik Lanuza

The Sun has come, time to post about unicycles and look alike! In February we posted about Skoota electric scooter by Stuart Emmerson but the ‘Unicycle Series of Posts’ started with eniCycle: electric unicycle for lazy circus clowns in August 2009; in September, we introduced you to the YikeBike: YikeBike: high wheel bicycle of the 21st century, and in October, it was about the Honda U3-XHonda U3-X: motorised unicycle from Japan. Today’s post is about the Taurus Concept by Erik Lanuza!

The Taurus is an electric-powered self-balancing motorcycle controlled by the body balance of the rider. It’s basically a Segway with a saddle and it looks very stylish; with a big advantage over the Segway, you don’t have to stand up the whole time. Just like the Segway, you can control the speed by leaning forward or backward and change the direction by steering wheel.

For the moment, the Taurus Concept is still a concept, let’s hope it will be produced eventually. One or two wheels? This is just for you to decide, read our posts about these ‘Unicycles’ and let us know which one is your favorite!

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