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Selfie Type by Samsung, Atlas Parkour with Boston Dynamics, flying motorcycle, Razer’s Project Hazel RGB face mask…

Our new Twitter Ba(a)zar has arrived! Here’s a collection of the best Hi-tech and Geek news from Twitter we selected for you! From Robotic butterflies to wearing Kevlar to track your heart, a rolling robot, a flying motorcycle, a futuristic wheelchair…

And also a computer-generated installation at Zara, Razer’s Project Hazel RGB face mask Zephyr, immersive workstations, a pocket-sized air conditioner, a navigation system in shoes to help the visually impaired. Check the tweets below for details! 🙂

These Robotic butterflies can move and flock together like the real things. (Interesting Engineering) #Robotics #BioMimicry

— James Gingerich, @Expeflow #WorkEasier #RPA (@jamesvgingerich) September 14, 2021

This shirt uses fibers as strong as Kevlar to track your heart

— CNN International (@cnni) September 3, 2021

#WhatsNext? With SelfieType Samsung has done away with the keyboard! (Samsung) #DigitalTransformation #AI #ML

— James Gingerich, @Expeflow #WorkEasier #RPA (@jamesvgingerich) September 2, 2021

#Friday fun with #VirtualReality. @SpirosMargaris @andi_staub @enricomolinari @ipfconline1 @psb_dc @sallyeaves @efipm @dez_blanchfield @DigitalColmer @KeithKeller @JBarbosaPR @mvollmer1

— Helen Yu (@YuHelenYu) August 21, 2021

This robot rolls on top of every terrain, including water

— Tech Insider (@TechInsider) August 19, 2021

Parkour is the perfect sandbox for the Atlas team to experiment with new behaviors. Through jumps, balance beams, and vaults, we push Atlas to its limits to discover the next generation of mobility, perception, and athletic intelligence.

— Boston Dynamics (@BostonDynamics) August 17, 2021

This motorcycle can transform into a flying vehicle
by @StartupSelfie#SelfDrivingCars #AI #IoT #SmartCities

Cc: @enricomolinari

— Ronald van Loon (@Ronald_vanLoon) August 19, 2021

no matter the number of steps, futuristic wheelchair BRO by @scewo can smoothly manoeuvre up the stairs with a self-balancing upright seat

— designboom (@designboom) August 16, 2021

Could this tiny robot dog be any cuter?

— Mashable (@mashable) August 16, 2021

This laptop offers users a new perspective using virtual reality and augmented reality #AR #AugmentedReality #VR #VirtualReality #AI #ArtificialIntelligence By @IntEngineering

— VisiveAI (@VisiveAI) August 15, 2021

This is a #computer-generated #Digital #art installation inside a #ZARA store in #NYC's #Soho district @alvinfoo #AI #MixedReality #ComputerVision
@SpirosMargaris @KirkDBorne @sallyeaves @kuriharan @Paula_Piccard @HaroldSinnott @ipfconline1 @jblefevre60 @gvalan @Nicochan33

— Xavier Gomez (@Xbond49) August 9, 2021

Razer's Project Hazel RGB face mask is officially called Zephyr, and the company is now accepting community sign-ups that will give those interested a chance to test it out before its release.

— IGN (@IGN) August 8, 2021

Planes, trains and automobiles all wrapped into one epic hybrid

— Mashable (@mashable) August 6, 2021

Works of art or #DataScience? #3D printed #Data #Visualizations are here and they look amazing! (Seeker)

— James Gingerich, @Expeflow #WorkEasier #RPA (@jamesvgingerich) July 22, 2021

This #Microdrone can lift up to 40x its weight

via @Seeker #FlyCroTug #Robots #UAVs #Robotics #Innovation #Tech #Technology #TechNews #ScienceAndTechnology #engineering

— Andres Vilariño (@andresvilarino) August 7, 2021

Turn your TV into a touchscreen with this tiny gadget

— Mashable (@mashable) August 4, 2021

honda is currently developing ‘ashirase’, a navigation system in shoes to help the visually impaired while walking

— designboom (@designboom) August 12, 2021

30ft remote control airplane has 50 engines

— Boing Boing (@BoingBoing) August 7, 2021

You wana have a pet, buy it now #innovation #robotics #future #technology #digital

— Kashif Manzoor (@kashifmanzoor) August 6, 2021

This bed has everything I need.
Jubilee Furniture Monica Multifunctional Smart Bed. #gigadgets #bedroom #bedroomdesign #bedtime #furnituredesign

— GiGadgets (@gigadgets_) August 6, 2021

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