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This is World Kids Coloring Day!

Today is World Kids Coloring Day! STAEDTLER and Save the Children are supporting this event in the United States but also in many other countries. On World Kids Coloring Day website, we can read: ‘Coloring plays a large role in the development of children. Here they express that which they cannot put into words. At the same time, coloring fosters creativity and stimulates the imagination. Spontaneously and without hesitation, children reach for crayons or pencils and draw whatever it is that comes to mind. Inhibitions that something might not come out “pretty” enough are still un-known to them’.

About Save the Children’s Rewrite the Future campaign:

Every child has the right to an education. Yet millions of children of primary school age are denied their right to education due to war and armed conflict. Schools can help children begin the process of recovering from trauma and grief, and voice their feelings without fear. This is why Save the Children’s Rewrite the Future campaign is focused on securing quality education for the millions of children out of school. All donations collected through the World Kids Coloring Day will support this education project. 77 million children of primary age are not in school. More than half live in areas affected by war and conflict. Yet education can bring protection and stability, and the potential to start building a more peaceful and prosperous society.

If you want to take part in World Kids Coloring Day, you can organize a great coloring activity in your school, club or other organization. You can also make a donation to Save the Children in support of their Rewrite the Future program. If you live in France, World Kids Coloring Day is la Journée Mondiale du Coloriage, supported by the organization SOS Villages d’Enfants. You can send your kid’s drawing and of course make a donation to support the organization.

This is the occasion to support organizations doing a great job in helping children: Save the Children (US) and SOS Villages d’Enfants (France). We also support the event on the Sama Gazette because Max Dana has been working with kids for a long time. Although she is not connected to the World Kids Coloring Day event, she offers children to ‘color’ her drawings. We hope we will be able to show you some of these drawings pretty soon.

Happy World Kids Coloring Day!

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