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Max Dana’s 2009 Show: it’s happening now!

Max Dana 2009 Show

This week, all the members of the Sama Team (even the lazy ones, but again, we won’t give away any names!) have been working hard with Max Dana to set up her new and upcoming show. She has been working on it for quite a long time and everything is now ready. It explains why the Sama Gazette wasn’t updated as often as usual lately; this is a very good reason, isn’t it?

So Max Dana’s 2009 Show will be online in a couple of minutes and for a limited time only. Like Max said on her blog, she decided to make an online show so everybody can enjoy her work, without having to take a plane and travel for hours to see it. We are very excited about this show because it will be very unique, it’s not because it’s online it won’t be interactive, on the contrary.

In a few minutes, every person who received an invitation by email will be able to access our server and watch the exhibition. All you need is the login, password and your personal code to access the restricted area on the World of Sama Art Website. So check your internet connection, stop everything you were doing, ensconced yourself in a deep armchair with a drink, and watch…

The online show will provide many surprises and without unveiling too much, you will be able to chat with Max Dana and ask her all the questions you want about the show and her new series Sama in the Sky. It will be interactive and you may even see some of us during the show. There will be real time video broadcasting from the show; it is going to be huge, to say the least! 🙂

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