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The Sama Gazette website will be back on April 1, 2020!

After a (way too) long hiatus, we are very glad to announce The Sama Gazette website will be soon back online! Many readers who were missing their dose of ‘Sama frenchness‘ have been following us on Twitter @SamaGazette for a long time and kept asking when our website would be updated again. You can stop messaging us and sending emails (only on this very specific matter) because the answer is… next month!

Starting in April, the Sama Gazette will be back with news and all the activities just like if it was 2009 again when the Gazette was launched. On the menu, your favorite topics ranging from Chic & Couture to Raison d’être, Bon Appétit! to Cabaret Moderne… We also added new ones, it will be a surprise.

Your Daily Dose of All Things Sama -With A Hint Of ‘Je ne sais quoi’- is back and we hope you will enjoy it. We are very excited to be back online as we have been working hard on the new website for several months. Thank you to all the Samayans who are supporting us since the beginning, thank you for your patience and your loyalty from the start, we will be happy to see you on our brand new website as soon as April 1, 2020* ! 🙂

*It’s not a joke, it’s a serious announcement but you know how we are, we chose the date on purpose to celebrate our awaited comeback 😉

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