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#ExploreFrance Plex’eat Shields #LouvreChezVous Oignons & Croissants

This new Twitter Ba(a)zar is dedicated to France, its famous museums, its many places of interest and some creative ‘alternatives’ (you will understand what we’re refering to soon enough). The country is not under lockdown anymore but yet it’s still impossible to come from abroad to visit it. So until everyone will able to safely travel to France again, we selected tweets allowing you to (virtually) discover the country!

Let’s start with the Musée du Louvre‘s collection of eighteenth-century decorative art – royal furniture, decorative bronzes, rugs, tapestries, gold and silver ware, porcelain, jewelry and scientific instruments… You can see these masterpieces directly from home!

In need of fresh air? website invites you to #ExploreFrance: from the beautiful fields of lavender in Provence to Le Mont Saint Michel in Normandy, the beaches from Bretagne to the Pays Basque, mountains and the Eiffel Tower… The video covers many great places across France. #SeeYouSoon #ABientôt!

We know you can't visit France right now—but while you're waiting to return, share your favorite memories with us! Is it our our culture, our landscapes, our cities, our people? We can't wait to help you turn your memories into future plans. #ExploreFrance #ABientôt #SeeYouSoon

— (@US_FranceFR) May 18, 2020

With his plex’eat suspended shields, French Designer Christophe Gernigon is providing a solution to social distancing in restaurants and bars so customers can safely sit around a table. The stylish XXL protective visors are suspended around the diners’ heads, hanging directly over a person’s chair… Clever!

christophe gernigon's suspended plex'eat shields imagine a safe future for restaurant dining

— designboom (@designboom) May 17, 2020

Last but not least of our selection: a recipe we couldn’t think about, let alone try… But American model, television personality and author Chrissy Teigen did think about it and even tried it! Needless to say that as much as we love her, we don’t get how she could think croissants were a good substitute for baguette in this soupe à l’oignon. Sure, both are french but still… A very bold move à la Marie Antoinette, in reference to her famously (albeit allegedly) phrase!


— Claire Underwood (@ParisPasRose) May 18, 2020

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