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Twitter Sunday: Favorites Tweets @chefludo

We are serious people at the Sama Gazette, but we are also proud members of the Sama Epicurean Fraternal Society. We like good food, good atmosphere and joie de vivre. Today, this Twitter Sunday is about French Chef Ludo Lefebvre. A pretty girl named Amélie, who ate at his restaurant, told us about him and his fabulous cuisine. Since then we follow @chefludo on Twitter and his tweets have the power to cheer us up!

About Chef Ludo Lefebvre (read more on LudoBites):

LudoBites is a guerilla style pop-up restaurant event created by Chef Ludo Lefebvre. Think of it as a restaurant within a restaurant limited only by Ludo’s imagination. It has been referred to as “Mad Genius” and celebrated for its “Kitchen Miracles.”  Jonathan Gold of LA Weekly was so impressed with LudoBites that one week after it concluded it summer 2009 stand at Breadbar, he included it as one of his 99 Most Essential Restaurants in LA, saying “you can’t find it in Directory Assistance, and you can’t have dinner there tomorrow night. It has no address. So in a sense, Ludo Bites, the restaurant of Ludovic Lefebvre, doesn’t really exist.”

Here are our Favorites Tweets @chefludo!

Etre Bourguignon, c’est mieux que t’etre dieu!!! vive la Bourgogne.
I want some burgundy tonight!!

I want jambon-beurre!!!

Bad day already, no butter in my fridge for my tartine!!!!!

Lilian Thuram: “La France a les armes” /via @FranceAmerique
next month the world cup!! Allez Les Bleus!!

Vive la cuisine Francaise!!

Big honor last nite P.Diddy love my chicken and ordered seconds
& ask who the chef. Bum I did not get off truck in time 2 meet him too busy.

I have lucky because I love my job and make people happy!

We enjoy following Chef Ludo on Twitter, he’s always full of get-up-and-go from what we can read and we would love to eat at his restaurant. If you want to eat his French food and fried chicken, check LudoBites website to find the current location of Chef Ludo‘s restaurant. Don’t hesitate to send your comment and share your experience if you find his restaurant!

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