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Twitter Sunday: Favorites Tweets @EmmanuelJAL

Emmanuel Jal is a Sudanese musician and former child soldier. We know him since the release of his third album Warchild two years ago and we are following him on Twitter @EmmanuelJAL. If you don’t know him already, his quick bio on Twitter already tells a lot: ‘I do not know how to start or end this bio,but just to put it short, I am an ex child soldier turned into a recording artist.’

Emmanuel Jal is a great singer and he is also an activist. He founded GUA Africa (pronounced gwaah, means peace in Nuer, a tribal language of Southern Sudan) which mission is to work with individuals, families and communities to help them overcome the effects of war and poverty. Each of our projects focus on providing an education to children and young adults who would otherwise be denied such opportunity.

Here are our Favorites Tweets @EmmanuelJAL:

Since 2003 the civil war in Darfur has killed at least 300k people and left 2.7M homeless-Al-Bashir should face justice-

am now 30 and i have been a refugee for 27 years since 1983 2,2M people
died as a direct result of the war in sudan,

Being biter and ploting revenge is different then fighting for freedom

i forgave the people who destroyed my home but i will never
stop fighting for the freedom

even though i know the price is death. we need the support from our friends
but peace in Sudan will be the Sudanese to Make it happen

Day 579 in missing meals. We can make this happen! Spread the word.
Only $20,000 to win this lose to win challenge

The fate of Sudan is now in the Hands of Obama – Only 6 months away from
Disaster or peace and prosperity–

Thank you Brazil for watching the War Child doc. & taking the time to support it.
The movie is also available online:

We invite you to follow Emmanuel Jal on Twitter @EmmanuelJAL but also to visit his official website as well as GUA Africa website to learn more about him and his work. Listen to his music: Stronger, Many Rivers to Cross, Forced to Sin. And let us know what you think 😉

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