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Twitter Sunday: Favorites Tweets @johnlegend

John Legend is Grammy award-winning artist and philanthropist; two good reasons for us to share with you our Favorites Tweets @johnlegend. We liked his two albums Get Lifted (‘Stay With You’) and Evolver (‘Take Me Away’), and we are very excited about his new one: Wake Up! which will be released on September 21, 2010.

John Legend is also a philanthropist, he founded the Show Me Campaign:

Created by Grammy award-winning artist John Legend, the Show Me Campaign is a nonprofit organization that fights poverty using proven solutions. Believing that equal access to quality education is the civil rights issue of our time, the Show Me Campaign fights for education reform in the United States. In Africa, Show Me works with Millennium Promise to provide clean water, health care, education and other basic tools that break the cycle of poverty.

Our Favorites Tweets @johnlegend!

NYTimes editorial on yesterday’s Prop 8 decision:

“Shine” is featured in and was inspired by the education documentary @WaitingSuperman

RT @chrissyteigen: If any of u think its not obamas bday and he was born in Kenya u can go ahead and shoot yourself please thank you

See, I don’t have to beat my nephew’s ass… RT @TheGRAMMYs Don’t worry, we can send a replacement GRAMMY Award to you!

Proud that NYC is strong enough to uphold the constitutional right to freedom of religion:

Funny how many of y’all told me to beat his ass. Haha. It was truly an accident. I’m just gonna have to nephew-proof my apt a little better

Casualty of the nephews staying with me. I hope they send replacement grammys!

RT @kanyewest: they put my tweets w/NewYorker cartoons!

Note that you can follow the Show Me Campaign on Twitter @showmecampaign. And if you appreciate John Legendfor his excellent music, you can pre-order Wake Up! (Deluxe Version) on iTunes. And of course visit his official website for more information.

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