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Twitter Sunday: Favorites Tweets @ladygaga

Twitter Sunday: Favorites Tweets from...


Sunday is Twitter Sunday on the Sama Gazette! We hope you’re having a great weekend. Today we have decided to share with you our Favorites Tweets from Lady Gaga. Some people like her, some others don’t. And obviously, most of us like her at the Sama Team. So here is a selection of our favorites tweets from the singer @ladygaga, on various topics.


THE FAME is the first album in history to have four #1 radio hits! i wish i could wrap my arms around my little monsters, the reason is u.xx
7:13 AM Nov 3rd


My Daddy had open heart surgery today. And after long hours, and lots of tears, they healed his broken heart, and mine. Speechless.
2:48 PM Oct 22nd


So proud to be apart of HRC event, our brilliant president has taken a stand against hatred/inequality in the gay community.
8:09 PM Oct 10th


#stopleakinggaga ha!
1:44 PM Oct 7th


In studio writing music, already used up a whole can of hairspray. Feels like home. And then some.xxxmissmylittlemonsterfans
10:51 PM Sep 23rd


You can follow Lady Gaga on Twitter @ladygaga.

Next Twitter Sunday will be much more serious…

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