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Twitter Sunday: Favorites Tweets @thelittleidiot

Twitter Sunday: Favorites Tweets from...


Last Sunday, we shared with you our favorites tweets from Diablo Cody @diablocody; today it’s Moby @thelittleidiot. We really like what Moby does (music) and his commitments but we didn’t know his brilliant sense of humor until we followed him on Twitter.


You want to see some examples of what we enjoyed reading from him the past weeks? Then read a small selection of his recent tweets (we keep some others for a next Twitter Sunday):


I’m in a car with an african man who is convinced that I’m me(moby) AND michael stipe. He believes michael stipe and I are the same person.

4:23 PM Sep 13th


Here at the 9:30 club in dc. Pretty sure I saw president obama standing in the middle of the crowd drinking a bud lite. I’ll go say hi now.

7:56 PM Sep 18th


In case you’re wondering, there is nothing glamorous about terminal b at logan airport. Its like a soviet bus station but not as pleasant.

6:40 AM Sep 25th


And ‘one for the road’:


En route to montreal. My limited french: ou et le fromage? L’cabinet c’est ici. Je suis du new york. And etc. Yes, I’m an ignorant american.

10:00 AM Sep 26th


Your french is almost perfect Moby, but let us make it ‘perfectly’ perfect (although some sentences sound more Québécois than French): ‘Où est le fromage?‘ – ‘Le cabinet est ici’ (shouldn’t it be: Les toilettes sont ici ? Anyway…) and ‘Je suis de New-York’.


If you like Moby then you have to follow him on Twitter @thelittleidiot!

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