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Twitter Sunday: Favorites Tweets @tomwaits

For this new Twitter Sunday, we wanted to share with you our Favorites Tweets from an American singer some venerate as a God (yes, some people do, we have seen them), Mister Tom Waits. His music is often defined as experimental, but also rock and jazz. His personality is what makes his music and almost everything he does very different from what we are used to see and hear. And that is why we like him so much.

Here are our Favorites Tweets @tomwaits!

Tom chats with Bob Dylan on “Theme Time Radio Hour”

It’s interesting to write on instruments you don’t understand.

I don’t have a drinking problem ‘cept when I can’t get a drink.

“All Stripped Down” is kind of a religious song, ’cause you can’t get
into heaven until you’re all stripped down.

Disneyland is Vegas for children.

My father was an exhaust manifold and my mother was a tree.

There’s only one reason why you write new songs:
You get sick of the old songs.

Tom Waits‘ album: ‘Glitter and Doom Live’ is available in stores and online, needless to say you really have to buy it if you didn’t already. Also, don’t miss to visit Waits official site and learn more about Tom Waits Chats With Mr. Bob Dylan and watch the video of Tom Waits in ”The Book Of Eli’.

We are currently listening to ‘I’ll Shoot The Moon’

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