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Darfur Peace Song by Sudanese singer Omar Ihsas

The new era” (Alahd Aljadeed) is a song promoting peace in Darfur by the Sudanese singer Omar Ihsas and sponsored by UNAMID. Omar Ihsas, born and raised in Nyala (the capital of South Darfur),  is one of the most respected singers and composers of Darfur.

He is a committed artist, singing for peace in the camps in Darfur. He once said “the multi-cultural nature of Darfur’s music holds the key to resolving the conflict“. The Darfur peace song “The new era” was written by Al Tijani Haj Mousa and composed by Omer Ihsas.

You can get more information about this song and complete lyrics on this page. You can also download the song (MP3) here.

Below, the first part of the meaningful lyrics:

For the peace, harmony and a new era,
Oh Darfur, We your sons would restore your glorious days

No conflict, No divisions, let’s lay down arms,
Through dialogue and consultation, success would be achieved
Tomorrow, a new morning will come in our valley
With hard work and struggle we build our new Darfur

See how many years were wasted in vain! And how many children were displaced
See how many rainy seasons have passed without gains
Livestock routes, grievances, ordeals and disputes were the root causes of the conflict and destruction.


Twitted by Usamah M. @simsimt.

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