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Burlesque Magazine with Kalani Kokonuts

Burlesque Magazine with Queen Kalani Kokonuts

It’s Saturday and we couldn’t leave you until next week without sharing with you a crucial information: a member of the Sama Team had the chance to see Dita Von Teese‘s show at The Casino de Paris last week. We already talked about this rendezvous: Dita Von Teese ‘Queen of Burlesque’ in Paris!, and this Sama Team member really enjoyed the night, in every way…

But if you’re still unaware about the Burlesque thing we are talking about, we’ve got something for you: Burlesque Magazine. It’s an online magazine you can read for free and the content it offers is awesome. The Burlesque Bulletin, Soapbox, Profile, Burlesque in…, Centrefold, Fashion, Out and About, Spotlight, Events Calendar… Everything you want to know about burlesque events, information and stuff is in the Burlesque Magazine.

The art director, Véronique, is French (you know how profoundly we are attached to our French roots, we couldn’t not mention it) and the magazine editor Jo-Anne Hui (nice yellow hair flower, by the way) is not afraid to tell the awful truth (quoting Kalani Kokonuts):

Wear dance shoes. So many girls wear shoes that aren’t meant for dancing and have a hard time moving around. This year, it was eight feet across the stage (at the Burlesque Hall of Fame) and a lot of girls wore striptastic shoes. The second I see an act, I look at her shoes and I can tell if she’s a real act or not.

We just take a look at Uncle-Louis’ shoes and he definitely should drop his sneakers for striptastic shoes! Issue 3 of Burlesque Magazine is available here, and Queen Kalani Kokonuts The Reigning Queen of Burlesque is on the cover. We hope you will enjoy your reading.

Have a nice week end, we’ll be back next week with some juicy news for our beloved Sama-Readers!

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