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Christian Louboutin and the psychology of shoes

We realized it was time to talk about shoe design. It is a topic we never brought to you, so let’s talk about it. This week an article published on the New Yorker caught our attention: Christian Louboutin and the psychology of shoes, by Lauren Collins.

The title of this article is very well found and here is an extract:

In homage to the Surrealists, the shoe designer Christian Louboutin once created a pair of pumps with a hydrodynamic shape, a bulging eye above the pinkie toe, and tessellating rows of black and gold scales. For a private client, a mine owner, he made a pair of shoes with ruby soles. To Louboutin, shoes are less interesting for their physical properties than for their psychological ones. He sells more than five hundred thousand pairs of shoes a year, at prices ranging from three hundred and ninety-five dollars to six thousand. The sole of each of his shoes is lacquered in a vivid, glossy red. The red soles offer the pleasure of secret knowledge to their wearer.

Honestly, we are not that much into shoes even if some of us (mostly women) like shoes. But we all agree with this sentence: ‘Men like high heels, and women like being liked by men’. Louboutin is unique. Plus he’s French. We couldn’t not mention him on the Sama Gazette!

PS: You can visit his website here. Countdown to fall Winter 2011-12 Collection: 76 days. Get ready 😉

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