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Papier (Haute) Couture by Lia Griffith

Did you know the old issue of your favorite magazine would make a great ball gown? Only if you are as talented as fashion-designer Lia Griffith, of course. The dresses she makes are so amazing, it’s hard to believe they are made of paper…

Lia Griffith explains on her website:

Paper was my favorite objects of entertainment when I was a child. Paper dolls, cardboard cars. . . I even made myself a pair of sandels by cutting and wrapping paper around my little five-year-old feet. Though my fairy tale dream was to become an apparel designer, it was a smooth and easy fit to find my career in graphic design. It is no surprise that mixing my two favorite forms of design, graphic/paper and apparel is my natural evolution.

Just take a look at the pictures illustrating this post and you will be amazed by the result of what can be called wearable art. Christian Dior and Nina Ricci should watch their step, Papier Couture is coming!


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