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Mother’s Day: Gifts, articles and mothers over the world

Mother’s Day is an annual holiday that recognizes mothers, motherhood and maternal bonds in general, as well the positive contributions that they make to society. In the United States, it is celebrated on the second Sunday in May (May 8 this year) but in Norway it was celebrated in February, in France it will be on May 30, in Indonesia in December… Every country its own date to celebrate Mothers.

So we decided to celebrate Mother’s Day and replace our weekly rendezvous Twitter Sunday with an article about great gifts to offer to your mother (or to anyone you consider your mother). E-cards, donations, song, articles to read to learn more about the situation of mothers in other countries… This list is not exhaustive but we hope these suggestions and ideas will be helpful!

Organizations (gifts, e-cards, donations…)

Wall of Mothers / CARE
Shop and Donate / Women for Women
Emergency Relief – a lifesaving gift for a refugee / IRC
Your Six Words on Why Moms Matter / ONE
Share this Mother’s Day card with your friends and family / Amnesty International
Moms Rule – Moms are awesome. Let’s give them the thanks they deserve!
Choose the card design that you would like to send / Human Rights Watch
Download the special Mother’s Day song “Save an Angel” from iTunes / EnoughProject
Send a Mother’s Day eCard that Will Change Another Mother’s Life / World Food Programme
Social Entrepreneurs and Mother’s Day / Skoll Foundation
Show a Mama you lover her this Mother’s Day – Mama Lucy – Epic Change

Must read articles

Celebrate: Save a Mother by Nicholas D. Kristof
Honoring Mother’s Day By Investing in Peacebuilding by Michael A. Jones
The worst places to be a mother on IRIN
State of the world’s mothers report 2010 / Save the Children
A gift of life for mothers and babies at risk / UNICEF
Today’s picture: Magnum salutes moms the world over / Slate

Mother’s Day sales from designers we like

Tarina Tarantino: The Mother’s Day sale: From now until Monday, May 10th, enter the code SPARKLEMOM at checkout and take 20% off your entire order. Go to
Wendy Brandes Jewelry: Mother’s Day Jewelry Sale was on May 4 but if you want to offer your mom a gorgeous and original necklace, ring or earrings, this is the perfect place for the perfect choice. Go to


Mother and Child – Bolivia / A mother holds her child in Santa Cruz, after their community was destroyed by flooding.
To help mothers like her, send a Mother’s Day eCard from / Copyright: Wieteke Dupain

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