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Easter Sama Hunt: find Max Dana’s new drawing!

Whether you are into religious celebrations or not, Easter is fun (eating chocolate -milk, dark, semisweet, bittersweet, unsweetened…). Easter egg Sama hunt even more. So we decided to hide an Easter Sama on the Sama Gazette. If you find it, you will have a glimpse at a never-before-seen drawing by Max Dana, photographed from her very own Moleskine she mentioned on her blog: My Moleskine, Cary Grant, some Asti Spumante and a Goldorus.

Dear Sama Readers, are you ready for the hunt? Maybe we should give you a hint. You have to find a Sama head, it’s not far from here (figure of speech), in the middle of some greyish Victorian curvy lines… Well, maybe we just said too much about it now. Anyway, when you find it, click on the Sama head and then a pop-up window will open (don’t block it…), showing the never-before-seen and unpublished drawing (well, not all of it) by Max Dana!

If you find it, send a message to tell us you did and we will show you more of this drawing, since it will be revealed in a couple of days on Max Dana’s Blog. We will grant you with a full preview of this new drawing. And maybe more if the message you send us is very cool. Good hunt!

PS: Please don’t go crazy by clicking everywhere on the site. Just click on the Sama head with a link on it (look up!) 🙂

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