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Pierre Sang, MADSAKI x Perrotin, Jeffrey Milstein, Saffron de Nimes, Thomas Pesquet, Lupin in Paris!

This is a Twitter Bazar with a lot of French / France in it! Let’s start with Chef Pierre Sang and his famous bibimbap available to take out at Pierre Sang Express restaurants in the 6th and 11th districts in Paris! A ne surtout pas manquer si vous pouvez vous y rendre ! Solo exhibition by japanese MADSAKI will be on view at Gallery Perrotin in New York City. Curator and art critic ...

The Rotating Kitchen by Zeger Reyers

 We were very intrigued, to say the least, when we watched the video of Dutch artist Zeger Reyers‘ installation “Rotating Kitchen“. The introduction says: ‘The Rotating Kitchen by Zeger Reyers was put into motion during the opening of the exhibition Eating the Universe at the Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, Germany, last Friday. It will keep rotating slowly until February 28th 2010’. It’s part of the program “Eating the ...

Mat Benote at Guggenheim: yes, he can!

  Galleries, museums… Places for artists to expose their art. Why not. But not only. And not for all artists. An incident took place at the Guggenheim this weekend, during normal business hours, without notice from security cameras or museum guards. Artist Mat Benote hung one of his own pieces on the famous walls, a movement he describes as “Fine Art Graffiti“.   Banksy and many others before him, did the same. So what are they? ...

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